About Us

Our Research Team

Betsy Anderson Steeves, eander24@utk.edu: environmental influence on food purchasing and consumption behaviors

Cristina Barroso, cbarroso@utk.edu: public health and health disparities

Kathleen Brown, kcbrown@utk.edu: public health and health systems

Janie Burney, jburney@utk.edu: Extension, food safety, and maternal and child health

Sarah Colby, scolby1@utk.edu: nutrition behavior and health communication

Samantha Ehrlich, sehrlic1@utk.edu: public health epidemiologist with a focus on pregnancy and maternal health

Kristen Johnson, kristen.johnson@utk.edu: Extension, older adult health and food safety

Katie Kavanagh, kkavanag@utk.edu: infant and child feeding behavior

Christopher Sneed, csneed@utk.edu: Extension, household food access, financial management, and food resource management

Cary Springer, springer@utk.edu: Statistician, computing support, survey management

A special thank you to the following people at the University of Tennessee who made this survey possible through their incredible work and dedication: The Institutional Review Board at the University of Tennessee; Rebekah Long, Graphic Designer for UT’s College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences; Julie Morris, Director of Marketing and Communications for UT’s College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

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